I’m done

The makeover is done! If you check around the site, you’ll notice that some spelling errors have been fixed, there is a new header, and a new background.

I also added a new page (What’s in my bag) for just a fun little feature on what’s in Masse Block’s/ my purse.
There is an advice section too (ask the alpha), so if you have any questions, just leave a comment and I’ll be happy to respond. 🙂

I got rid of the page Things I heart, since it didn’t really serve much of a purpose.

Let me know what you think of the changes 😀



Making amazing friends and keeping them

Hey there. It’s MBOB back with yet another fabulous post. This time, I’m responding to a reader’s request on how to form a clique. Since I don’t advocate cliques (they can hurt peoples feelings, make them feel left out, etc.) this is more of a post on finding good friends and staying good friends. If you have any more requests, please leave a comment, and I will be happy to respond.

* Apperance. Not gonna lie, that’s what people first notice about you. While you don’t have to look like a model 24/7, being well groomed and hygenic (i.e- wearing deordorant, taking showers at least every other day) can mean the diffrence from a LBR to GLU.
* Confidence. Didn’t your mom always tell you “fake it to make it”? What she means is to act like you have some confidence. Just go up, say hi to people, make some small talk, etc. That way, you won’t be known as that really pretty shy girl in homeroom.
* Network. If everyone has a Facebook/Twitter/Kik/Skype at your school then get one! This helps you out with the major gossip/news, but also allows you to get to know people better.
* Have a conversational piece. Get a signature thing that screams you (perfume?) and wear it to add some confidence.
* Don’t bail. Okay so you couldn’t call your friend because you had so much math homework. Or maybe you couldn’t do the group sleepover beacuse it’s family game night. I get it, it happens. Just don’t make a habit of it or your newfound friend(s) might turn into a former one.
* Listen. Really focus on what your friend is saying. Notice their tone of voice, body lanquage and you’ll pick up small things that you didn’t before.

This is just a quick little guide to help you out. If you have any opnions, ideas, concerns, please comment. I love to hear them 🙂