Get a goregous body: part 1

So if you are like me (an alpha in training), you like to look cute 24/7. Looking good can affect your mood and even decide if you feel like working out. So without furthur ado, here’s my guide on looking cute @ the gym or when you are playing sports.

1. Clothes- You have to wear the right types of clothes when working out. Bad fitting clothes/ ones that arent designed for working out can lead to blisters, acne, and all sorts of injuries. Choose well fitting clothes that are specially designd for whatever you plan to be doing.

* Shorts-


Nike tempo shorts ($30) can be used for almost any sport, and come in all sorts of cute colors & patterns.

C9 shorts at Target ($16) at target, are a low priced alterntative to the Nike shorts. I personally like the premuim line the best, but the advanced are good too (at about $14).

* Tops-


A shirt or tank with a motivating slogan (like this one) might be a good thing if you need an extra push to head to the gym. Avoid things made with cotton, wool, silk, etc. , as they won’t absorb sweat. To be on the safe side, make sure it’s labeled “dry fit” so it will absorb your sweat.

A good pick is Under armours “don’t be last” graphic tee (24.99).

Hoodies are also fine, but just save them for when it’s freezing cold.

* Sports Bras- No matter what size you are, every girl needs a good sports bra. I suggest getting fitted at a place like Victoria’s secret first, so you’ll know your perfect size. Do jumping jacks in the dressing room (when you have the sports bra on) to be sure it fits. Any bouncing means you need a bigger size.

– If you are a double D or bigger, it’s not going to be easy to find a good sports bra. I suggest looking online, Freya for example is known to make really good ones.

– Also replace those sports bras after a year. Not doing so can lead to pain and bad support.

* Yoga pants/leggings- These are fun to layer with shorts or are great on their own.

* Shoes- Choose the right ones for your sport and remember to replace them every 6 months.

* Running skirts- These are more like “skorts” to be honest. They feature a skirt like top like layer and have bike shorts underneath. Running skirts are a fun alternative to just plain shorts, but might not be okay for all sports. Check with your coach first.


2. Makeup. You don’t really need makeup when you are playing a sport (real housewives much?). But if you can’t go outside without your "face" on, choose nothing that will smear, smudge or flake. That means water proof mascara, tinted lip balm and thats it. Wearing foundation, blush, etc. can lead to clogged pores and racoon eyes. Also don’t forget about dedorant! You don’t want to smell funky.

– Some great lip balms include Babylips, Burt’s bees tinted lip balm , and Yes to Carrots tinted lip balms. All of these can be found at a local drugstore.

– Does your hair get greasy? Try dry shampoo which gets rid of grease and adds some volume. (If you have thick hair, you can still use dry shampoo. Just avoid ones that state volume as one of the benefits.)


3. Hair. Keep it simple. A ponytail or messy bun is about as creative as you can get. (you’ll be sweating, remember?) Mist it back with some hairspray, or a frizz spray. (Garnier sleek and smooth 5 in 1 finishing spray is awesome and the 6 bucks is a great price.)

4. Extras. This isn’t the time to wear your brand new Tiffany charm bracelet, but you can still jazz up your look with a fun tote or some cute wristbands.


I hope you enjoyed this first part of my get a goregous body series 🙂 I’m sorry for not posting in such a while, school has been insane to say the least. Leave a comment on what you thought, I’ll be happy to respond.

Also please continue to send in suggestions for your favorite drugstore beauty products.

Until my next post,



Get a goregous body

So this is a mini series that I’m doing on how to get Massie’s Block’s fabulous figure without depriving yourself, makning yourself miserable, spending tons of money, and that doesn’t take a Phd to figure out.

Some example posts I was thinking of, could be things like motivating yourself to workout, eating healthy at a resturant, etc.

If you guys have any ideas for the series, please let me know through AIM, email, or just leaving a comment (Btw- My AIM, & email are both listed on my contact moi page.)

Also please continue to send in suggestions for the best of the drugstore awards (BDA’S). I’ve aready gotten quite a few, but some more would be wonderful.

New post will be up shortly, and I hope everyone had a great day. 🙂


Best of the drugstore awards

It’s MBOB, back with another fabulous post. In my last post, I debated over getting an AIM, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I’m now happy to say, I have an AIM. My username is thefrugalfashionista, so feel free to come and chat with me.

On to the post…

So drugstores (CVS, Walmart, Walgreens,etc.) often have reputations for poor quality makeup and hair care products. Which is true in some cases (a few wet and wild products for example), but there are soem really good products that are often overlooked. I’m having an awards thing for the best drugstore products. If you would like to nominate a product for any of the catergories, just leave me a comment or shoot me a quick email.

The catergories are as following…

* Best frizz care products- ( This can be anything that fights frizz. Hair treatments, hairsprays, serums,etc.)

* Best curly hair products- ( Anything designed for curly or wavy hair)

* Best volume adding products – ( Anything that gives hair volume and body. Includes hairsprays, shampoo, etc.)

* Best eco friendly/ non animal tested products – (Anything beauty related. Doesn’t have to be hair.)

* Best eye makeup – (Includes shadows, false lashes, mascara, etc.)

* Best anti acne products – ( Includes treatments, toners,etc.)

* Best lip products- (liners, balms, glosses,etc.)

* Best complexion products (foundation, primer, etc.)

* Best skin care products- (toner,serum, face masks,etc.)

I know that I that I may haved missed a few catergories. Please nominate your favorite products (as many as you like!) by comments, AIM, & email.

Tell as many people as you can, I’d love to have lots of entries! 🙂

I’ll let you know the deadline and other details in upcoming posts.


Holla back

Hey there. This is just a quick update, but there is a new post coming soon 😉

So I was thinking of getting some more things like (Twitter, AIM , etc.)
so I can communicate with you fabulous girlies even better.

Because blog comments and a personal instagram aren’t cutting it.

For starters, I’ll make an instagram just for this blog since many of you girlies have iphones/ipod touches. I’ll post my username as soon as I create it, and the instagram will be filled with clique quotes, outfit inspiration, and funny pictures.

An AIM will come shortly. Twitter and Facebook, I’m not too sure about. I awn-estly think this blog doesn’t need them yet.

I hope you are all having a fabulous day, and please comment and let me know any suggestions, questions etc. Keep in touch with me on any of my social networks, all that information is on my Contact Moi page


Sales diva

Hey there. If you are like me, most of/some the things you buy are on sale. Nothing wrong with that, but if you have to, do it the most glam way possible.

* Don’t show up with 58 coupons. You don’t want to look like an extreme couponer, but it’s perfectly fine to have a few. I’ve gotten some great discounts/deals (free biore cleanser anyone?) but please don’t go overboard. That looks so tacky.

* Don’t look too eager. What I mean is, don’t start jumping up and down when you see a 60% at Kate Spade. Just calmly walk in, and grab what you need.

* That being said, don’t paw through the clearance bin. If you spot something absolutley perfect, camly move things out of the way and grab it.

Now here are some great places/good sales to shop for a fellow cash strapped fashionista

* TJ Maxx- You can seriously score some good stuff here for way less. I’ve spotted Coach shoes for 14 bucks and recently picked up some Bliss face masks for the same price (they are normally $65!)

* Old navy- The best place to find jeans if you are A. Hard to fit B. Don’t have 50 bazilllon dollars to spend on jeans. Or C. All of the above. It’s really hard for me to find jeans that fit me because I’m short and skinny (I’m a 2/4). Old Navy’s fit me like a dream and are fairly budget friendly at $30 a pair. (You can also score coupons, too) They also have a great selection of tall and plus sizes (up to 30!). They also have affordable basics like cute cardis and adorable ballet flats.

* Bath & Body works- A great place to get yummy perfumes/lotions/body butters/etc for way less then designer. Also check out their semi annual sale ( June and Jan.) where you can score deals like $3 shower gels.

* Forever 21 – Ok so not super high quality, but you can’t beat the prices. If you know where to look, you can score some great deals.

* Hobby Lobby- If you are a DIY kinda girl, this huge craft store offers 50% off ribbon every other week.

* Pac Sun- This has great clothing if you know where to look and frequent sales (30% off, online only today 😉 )

Hope you guys enjoyed this post 🙂 Comment on your favorite spring trend(s). I love the embrace your natural texture/curls & waves (it’s about time! Straight hair has been in since the 90’s) peplum top (Target has a super cute lace one for 12 bucks!) and crop tops.

Hope you are having a stylish spring 😉