Holla back

Hey there. This is just a quick update, but there is a new post coming soon 😉

So I was thinking of getting some more things like (Twitter, AIM , etc.)
so I can communicate with you fabulous girlies even better.

Because blog comments and a personal instagram aren’t cutting it.

For starters, I’ll make an instagram just for this blog since many of you girlies have iphones/ipod touches. I’ll post my username as soon as I create it, and the instagram will be filled with clique quotes, outfit inspiration, and funny pictures.

An AIM will come shortly. Twitter and Facebook, I’m not too sure about. I awn-estly think this blog doesn’t need them yet.

I hope you are all having a fabulous day, and please comment and let me know any suggestions, questions etc. Keep in touch with me on any of my social networks, all that information is on my Contact Moi page



5 thoughts on “Holla back

  1. I think you should make a page on facebook because I have searched them and their isn’t many. I think it should be like your blog too so your status are stories!!!
    Stay Stunning,
    xoxo ~ A

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