Get a goregous body – Part 3

Hey there. So you have some motivation to work out, and the ah-dorable clothes to do it in. Now let’s chat about the fuel that you need to work out. Eating healthy (and drinking) has so many amazing benefits. From clear skin to living longer, it’s pretty clear that you can’t just work out, eat a box of oreos and then magically expect to be healthy. But figuring out what to drink can be tricker then you think. Should you really get the diet coke? Which is better after an all nighter? Tea or Sugar free Redbull?

* Water- By far your best choice. The benefits are unreal, just look at this link for proof! If plain water is too boring, add some lemon juice or fresh fruit slices.
How much? Ok, this is going to sound gross, but until your pee is a light yellow or 64 oz. Water can also be found in other things like fruits and veggies, so you might not need 8 glasses after all.

* Soda- Ok, so we all know that soda isn’t so fabulous for you. Limit yourself to 1 12 oz can per week and that’s it. Get the small size at resturants and do you really need that super big gulp? If you can’t drink 32 oz of water, ditch it.
How much? 8-16 oz a week or less

* Diet Soda- We all know Massie LOVES her diet coke. While it may be a better option then soda (not by much though) it can stil lead to bloating just regular soda, cavities and can trigger sweet cravings.
How much? 8- 20 oz a week or less.

* Red bull, Monster etc.- Sometimes you can’t escape the fact of an all nighter, but these are not the option. You’ll have a nasty crash later, and they can be super addictive. If you must, get the low carb/ sugar free and don’t pull an all nighter more then once a month. Some better options include Coffee, Tea, or maybe just a Powerade.
How much? As little as possible. Once a month or less is ideal.

* Tea- This is a great way to get going or wind down. Most bagged teas have no calories and some have health benefits like raising your metabolism or reducing your risk of heat attack.
How much? 4-8 cups a week.

* Perrier, Fiji, etc. – If you don’t like plain water, these can be a great option. Just keep in mind, that fancy water can add up quickly.
How much? As much as normal water

* Coffee – Some of us wouldn’t be able to function very well w/out our Starbucks fix. Just keep in mind that whipped cream, and carmel swirls can pack on the calories like nobody’s buisness. There are some great health benefits though, and this is a much a better option then chugging a Red Bull every morning.
How much? No more then 2 cups a day.

* Fruit juice- If you aren’t much of a fruit girl , this is an easy way for you to get the fruit servings and nutrients that you need. Choose options that say 100% juice or make it youself with a high quality blender.
How much? No more then 8 oz a day.

* Crystal light, etc.- These taste great, and can be great if you hate plain old water. However, this isn’t your best option as these are filled with artifical sweetners and colors.
How much? 8-24 oz a week.

Hopefully, this will help you make better choices 🙂 I hope everyone is having an amazing day.

Also if you need some advice, feel free to ask me on the newly revamped Ask the Alpha page. 😀

Until my next post,


2 thoughts on “Get a goregous body – Part 3

  1. This is THE. BEST. BLOG. ON. EARTH. Like seriously it’s my new obsession!!!! Keep writing, youre ah-mazing!!!!:))))

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