Gorgoeus body- Part 4

It’s so good to be back 🙂

Sorry for not posting in forever, it’s finals time and things can get a little crazy. But I’m happy to be posting again, and this time I’m discussing what to eat. Because twinkies will not help your goal of flat abs. I also wanted to say, I’m not a doctor. These are just my personal opinions with some research mixed in. Before starting any diet plan, please consult your doctor.

MBOB’S Dos and Don’ts for healthy eating

* DO drink tons of water
– As mentioned in another post of mine (https://massieblockonabudget.wordpress.com/2013/05/04/get-a-goregous-body-part-3/) there are so many health benefits that it’s kind of crazy not to.

* DON’T skip meals
– This can set you up for eating disorders, and causes your body to store fat because your body doesn’t know when it’s going to get some food. You are also likley to binge at your next meal.
* DO avoid/limit “breakout” foods
– If you’ve noticed that after eating a certain food (for me, it’s ice cream) that your skin doesn’t look so Elle worthy. That might be a hint to cut back on greasy foods.
* DON’T think better is better.
– While the 32 oz drink may be 10 cents cheaper, it’s only ten cents! No human being needs a 32oz coke, so why should you? While you may be saving an extra 10 cents, it’s your health in the long run.
* DO eat tons of fruits and veggies
– No explanation needed.
* DON’T go overboard on “fat free” or “only 10 calories”
– Just beacuse something is 50 calories, don’t eat 4 servings of it.

I also wanted to say that cyber bullying is a huge problem on wordpress and AIM.
Do your part, and avoid extra drama.

My makeover is almost done; here’s what I’ve done so far….
* Added several photos to older posts and updated them (for example https://massieblockonabudget.wordpress.com/2013/01/12/lip-gloss-love/)
* Made a page for my clique with descrptions
* Deleted a useless page or two
* Added a copyright notice on the side of my blog
* Did some light spell check
* Added a new slogan and title

I’m stil working on it, but the blog looks great, don’t you think 😉
Leave any thoughts/requests below, I can’t wait to hear them 🙂


ps- Even though my title has changed, I will still be going by MBOB. Honestly, BMOB sounds weird, and I still have MBOB as my url, so that’s what I’ll be sticking to. Hope I didn’t cause any confusion.


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