Fabulous for finals

Finals coming up? That’s no excuse not to look fabulous. Hair? Makeup? I’ve got you covered, so you can keep on studying.


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* Keep it light! You are taking a test/final remember?
Skip heavy layers of foundation for a BB cream or go without. If you have good skin, you typically don't need makeup.
As for eyes, a clear brow gel and clear mascara is plenty. ELF wet gloss lash & brow clear mascara is a great buy at only $1 and contains both products in one tube.
– You can still use clear mascara on a normal day. It makes a fabulous primer or is great for a more natural look.
Lips? Avoid crazy shades and lip liner/ lipstick in general. Lip gloss is okay, but just use a long lasting gloss as most teachers wouldn’t approve of reglossing in the middle of your Calclus final. Tinted lip balm is also another a good option. ( https://massieblockonabudget.wordpress.com/2013/01/12/lip-gloss-love/ has some great product suggestions)
Anything else? Use a good concealer to cover up evidence of last night’s all nighter and you are good to go 🙂



* Simple and out of your face.
– Try a cute topknot, or flirty high ponytail with a cute headband.
Curly hair? Prep with a curl enhancing mousse and a frizz cream or two, and you should be good to go. Curly hair looks romantic in buns and updos, and adds texture to ponytails.
Short hair? Use a fun headband or add cute clips.
Damaged hair? Avoid pulling hair back super tight, and don’t use rubberbands. Look for ponytail holders that say “snag free” and if you’ll be using heated tools, always use a thermal spray
Oily hair? Showering everyday can make your hair even more oily. Use dry shampoo or a beauty queen classic, baby powder. (for darker hair, use a matte bronzer) Just don’t go crazy. Updos usually work better with second day hair anyway. Whatever you do, skip the slicked back ponytail. That can draw even more attention.
http://www.collegefashion.net/beauty-and-hair/easy-hairstyles-for-finals-week/ has 6 great hair tutorials


* Skip the sweatpants/PJs. Those look sloppy and just plain ugly.
Jeggings or printed leggings are super cute yet are still cozy enough for 3 hour exams. Make sure that they are thick though (not see through) and that your top covers your bottom/most of it and you should be good to go.
– Maxi skirts are also another great option
– Avoid heels and skip to easy flats or cute moccasins.
* Plan your outfit in advance! If you know that you’ll be frazzled, it will be a lot harder to pick out a cute outfit.



* A huge tote to haul everything is a must.
– Plus your notes/textbooks (that can seem obvious, but often during finals you can forget), tea bags (for extra energy), a good lip balm (Burt’s bees lip shimmers are fabulous), protein bars, water bottles, pens/pencils, gum and one small unhealthy snack as a reward for all that studying.
* Avoid loud jewelry that makes noises (ie- that bangle set that jingles when you move)
– Use a planner to keep you sane and organized
– A higlighter in your favorite color is a cute touch.

I’ll add some photos to this post later b/c wordpress hasn’t been working very well for me 😦

On the other hand, my makeover is almost complete!!
Recently I…
– Updated the PC page
– Updatd links to the blogs I heart page
– Deleted the who am I page
And… I added a brand new section to this blog! Massie’s diary is a fun, roleplay focused page (I guess it could be considered a fan fic?) featuring life from the point of pc members. Check back often for new “entries”.
I also added a new page ; titled Cliquetionary b/c I’ve gotten several comments asking what LBR or GLU us means. Now you won’t need to ask 🙂



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