Summer Faves

When I think of summer, I think of fireworks, ah-dorable boys, sweet smelling perfume and gentle waves crashing in the background. So to celebrate the first offical day of summer, I’ve compiled this fabulous list of summer favorites for under 15 dollars. So grab a glass of iced tea and start reading.


1. TIGI Bedhead foxy curls mousse (depends on source)
This product manages to turn my super thick wavy hair into curly yet beachy perfection. A must have for naturally curly/wavy hair. Just don’t go nuts. Too much can turn those curls into crunchy instead cute.
Note- I bought this from my stylist, but if your salon doesn’t have it, order off of Amazon.

2. QT/Quick Trip Peach black tea (69 cents)
I love the Peach Black tea because it has a ton of antioxdents (a must for great skin), is zero calories and tastes great. The price? Even better.

3. Forever 21 Lacquered bow necklace (1.80)
A charming yet cheap necklace that adds a cute touch to any outfit. It’s good quality for the price and the metal hasn’t tarnished one bit.

4. e.l.f. Essential Super Glossy Lip Shine (1 dollar)
The best lipgloss for a dollar. Perfect amount of shimmer and decent staying time. Only issue is that the site’s colors are a little off from the real thing.

Vera Bradley Seashore Keychain (15 dollars)
So cute and goes with tons of purses. This would also make a cute school tote/backpack addtion and the quality is fantastic.

6. OPI Minnie Mouse collection mini laquer set (14 dollars)
4 way too cute colors in even cuter bottles. Sold!
OPI is great quality and this new collection is to die for.

7. Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Body Cream Aruba Coconut (12.50 dollars)
Best body cream I’ve ever used! This smell is like summer in a bottle and is so great for dry skin. Best part is, it’s only 5 dollars till July 3rd 2013!!!

– I currrently have over 2,500 views! (2,709 as of right now) This is so ah-mazing and I just wanted to thank everyone from the top commenters to casual glancers.
– My links have been messed up, and WordPress won’t let me fix them. So I had to copy and paste links recently which looks so unprofessional. 😦 Hopefuly, I’ll get this issue sorted out but it the meantime, my posts will still look like this.
– Need advice? Head on over to Ask the Alpha for ah-mazing help ASAP.

Let me know your summer faves in the comments 🙂



12 thoughts on “Summer Faves

  1. MBOAB,
    This was a great post! It’ll definitely help me get some summer favourites together in time for summer. Congratulations on your 2,500 (2,812 at the moment) views! You earned it girlie!

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

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