Ah-nother fabulous update

Some new changes are coming to this blog, and this post has all the details 🙂

      Major Updates

– I’m currently a contestant in GMB’s ultimate lengend contest (http://ultimatelegend.wordpress.com for the details) which means I’ll be competing in challenges that may result in my blog looking diffrent or an off topic post or two.

– Speaking of new looks, what do you think of my makeover?

     Current Request List

– Throwing a Massie worthy sleepover

– Summer TAG

– Leibster (not sure if I spelled that right)

– Guide to curly hair

    Minor Updates

– Ask the alpha is a great place for advice

– New Massie’s diary entry is coming soon.

http://www.totalbeauty.com/ is an ah-mazing site for beauty product reviews if you haven’t already seen it 🙂

Until my next post,






7 thoughts on “Ah-nother fabulous update

      • Awrh, thanks, but it’s okay! I am a little confused, though, since GMB told me in a comment that the makeover was perfect for Ultimate Legend, and then I got eliminated… Ah well…

        It’s no problem; I consider you to be one of my close friends on WordPresss! I’m flattered you liked my makeover! 🙂


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