Queen Bee

This is my first post for the http://ultimatelegend.wordpress.com/ contest 🙂

The theme is queen bee and it’s more of a roleplay. Let’s start, shall we?

With my never needed Bumble and Bumble salt spray beach waves, hourglass figure and legs that aren’t far from an issue of Women’s health, it’s easy to look at me and just tell. But anyone can be pretty. Why all it takes is a vist to Saks, a dermatolgist appointment, a cute haircut and the help of ladies at the MAC counter. But it’s a lot more then that. A queen bee has a flair to them that can’t be bought with your Black Amex card.

But enough about me. Let’s dive into what it takes to be a Queen Bee worthy of ruling of any hive literally or otherwise.

Fabulous Hair
A Queen bee knows what her hairtype is and buys the correct products. You would never catch a Queen bee buying shampoo made for straight hair when she clearly has curly hair. And vice versa. A Queen bee also knows her limit when it comes to heated tools (like blow dryers and flat irons for example) and tries to let her hair air dry whenever possible. She also has a great relationship with the ladies at her hair salon due to her like clockwork haircuts. She knows that split ends are never in style, gets trims (as mentioned before) and weekly deep hair treatments to prevent them.


Flawless Skin
A Queen bee buys the best high quality skincare she can afford for her skin. She knows to avoid starchy and fatty foods for they can cause breakouts and avoids touching her face. She has a first name basis with her facialist and dermatolgist and her devotion to SPF is legendary.


Wonderful Wardrobe
Even if a Queen bee is wearing Puma, she’ll make it seem like Prada. She’d rather die then be seen in sweats and is always classy never trashy. She is well read in fashion magazines and has a legendary blog. She’s a trend starter, not a follower.


In the know

The Queen bee knows everything and everything. She isn’t called a “Queen bee” for nothing, after all. She knows what’s hot before it hits the runaway. She uses social media to her advantage and has countless followers.


Marvelous Makeup

When’s the last time you saw a Queen bee with mascara clumps or clown blush? Exactly. Her makeup is designed not as a mask, but to show off her beautiful features. It’s never overdone or wet and wild. She buys the best quality makeup she can afford and always the correct shade for her skin tone.


A Queen bee (like I previously stated) has a flair to her that can’t always be explained. While your exterior is a fairly big factor, a Queen bee is much more then a pretty face in a Teen Vogue ad. A Queen bee is similar if not the same to an Alpha.

Don’t worry if you don’t posses all those elusive qualities. Not everyone is best suited as a Queen bee after all.

And end Queen bee post

Hopefuly, this post was okay. I’ve been super busy recently, so I unfortantly had to do a very quick post. 😦

– New image of Dylan on The PC page.
– As of right know, I have 3,060 views!!! I awn-estly thought this would happen. Like I used to be happy when I got 5 or 6 views a day, and now I’m going double that on a slow day! This is so incredible and thank you so much!!
– I made it through round 1 of the Ultimate Legend contest 😀
– Ask the Alpha is your place for advice ASAP



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