A charmed life

One of Massie’s infamous trademarks (besides her love of purple and need to constantly reapply lip gloss) is her charm bracelet. Here’s how to get it for less.



– Bracelets where you don’t choose each charm. Hence the name, premade. These are typically cheaper and are easier to find.


* Charlotte Russe- While not known for high quality, this store is better then shops like wet seal and forever 21. Great if you are growing out of a Massie phase, just want to try before you invest in something more expensive, or don’t feel like paying more the 10 dollars.

* Nasty Gal- Known for wild clothing, this site has a surprisingly good charm bracelet. It’s more on the edgier side though and expect to pay 18 to 30 dollars.

* Banana Republic- This store has a fantastic preppy sea inspired bracelet for around 40 dollars.

* Lucky Brand- This Massie approved jeans brand does boho chic for 45 dollars.

* Chanel- While not exactly budget friendly, these are definitely worth the money if you have some extra to spend. Expect to pay a 1000 dollars or more.

Custom made
These are typically in the higher price range, but you get your money’s worth with 18k charms, and custom plating.


* Brighton- A sort of hybrid between the Pandora variety and a classic charm bracelet that’s super cute. Expect to pay 75-200 dollars.

* Pandora- The inventor of the so called charm bracelet craze became a household brand with it’s unique type of charms. Expect to pay 300-800 dollars.

* Tiffany- The luxury standard in charm bracelets worn by Massie herself. Expect to pay 2000-8000 dollars.



– I made a polyvore! You may have guessed, as I posted 2 recent sets. 🙂 The link is http://thefrugalfashionista.polyvore.com/, & don’t worry I’ll change my username.
– I made it into the 3rd round of the Ultimate Legend contest, and I’m so happy I made it that far. Best of luck to everyone still competing!
– Instagram + Kik are coming soon!
– Look out for a new Massie’s diary entry.



10 thoughts on “A charmed life

  1. Great post!
    For Christmas one year my aunt and uncle got me a Brighton Charm bracelet (nothing to do with the Clique) and I really love them, the base isn’t that expensive and then the spacers and charms are around $8 – $20 per charm or spacer, and it is fun to collect them one at a time. 🙂 Plus they’re great quality.

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