Liebster Award

I have recently been tagged for the Liebster award by and several other bloggers (whose URL’s, I’ve forgotten. If I left you, please contact me ASAP so I can update this blog post) which is a wonderful honor.

As the award states, I need to reply back to 11 questions and tag up to 11 new bloggers who I think should receive this award. Then I give those bloggers 11 fabulous questions to answer As this wonderful blog mentioned (, it’s like a big internet hug 🙂


And without further ado, here are Hedi’s 11 questions…

1.) What would you typically do on a summer day?

I recently hurt my ankle and just got off crutches. I still however, have a boot on which doesn’t allow for many options. But you can usually find me shopping (but walking very slowly), at the movie theater, at a friend’s house or working on my tan at the pool. I also love doing DIY face masks with my ah-mazing sister, Face timing my friends, catching up on Twisted (a wonderful tv show BTW) , or just reading a magazine/book.

2.) What is your favorite book to read?

Right now, I’m reading Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl (which is the second book in the Beautiful Creatures series). It’s an ah-mazing book if you haven’t already tried it.

3.) What is your favorite sport to play?I love to run! I’m more of a long distance girl, so I love cross country.

4.) What is your dream job?I love to write and I love beauty products. I think working as a beauty editor at a fashion magazine would be a match made in heaven.

5.) Favorite Book?
Alphas & the Clique by Lisi Harrison, The Penderwicks by Jeanie Birdsall, Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard. and Harry Potter by JK Rowling are some of my favorites!

6.) First Move: Boy or Girl?
Either. I think if you really like a guy (or girl), that you should just go for it. Honestly, they are just as nervous as you are.

7.) What is your favorite movie?
I love the Devil wears Prada! It’s a little cliché at times, but the acting is fabulous. Not to mention the one liners and of course the fashion!

8.) If you had to be any character in a book, who would it be?That’s a tough one. However, I’d love to attend the Alpha academy (in Lisi Harrison’s series Alphas) because it sounds like such a fantastic opportunity.

9.) Your favorite type of dance?I love ballet! The dancers always make everything seem so easy but it’s not. It takes a ton of dedication to that and I really admire them for it.

10.) What is your style? (Girly, Edgy, etc.)
I’m girly with a twist. I love lace, skirts, sparkle, etc., but like to add my own fun twist. This may mean keds with a girly dress (AKA Taylor Swift) or something a little bit edgier.

11.) Would you change anything about WP?
I sometimes think people take it way too seriously. I feel the WordPress and just roleplaying in general is designed to be an escape from everything. Constantly worrying about page views and making sure your FC isn’t taken takes away the fun from blogging and roleplay.

11 Facts

1. My favorite color is purple. And yes, I liked it before I read the clique books.
2. I have crazy hair. It’s turning from wavy to curly for no reason at all, which makes it very difficult to style. It’s also extremely thick.
3. I’m super short. I’m around 5’2 and that’s with flats on.
4. I have a Face Mask addiction. One of my favorite things to do is to google homemade face mask recipes and recreate them. They almost always turn out fabulous and there is nothing better then relaxing with a face mask, a diet coke in hand and a pile of Lucky’s and Instyles at your side.
5. My favorite stores include Charlotte Russe (like a classy Forever 21) , J Crew, H&M, and American Eagle .
6. I live in Charlotte NC.
7. I believe that everyone is beautiful no matter what their jean size is. Which is why in any fashion posts, I’m now adding at least 1-2 options for plus size girls.
8. I’m most like Alicia & Kristen out of the original clique members. I take importance on good grades, I love gossip, I’m very dedicated to my sport, and I have naturally tan skin. (I’m half Arabic)
9. My goal in blogging is to make it to 500,000 views. Crazy? Yes. Impossible? Puh-lease.
10. My favorite high end makeup brands are Benefit and Urban Decay. My favorite drugstore brands are Maybelline and Rimmel.
11. For some reason, diet soda tastes better to me then regular.


And anyone else who would like to do it. 🙂 If you are interested, please email me and I will be more then happy to give you the questions list.


In other news…
– Requests and Ask the Alpha are open 🙂
– In hair and beauty news, the Rimmel Glameyes mascara is ah-mazing! I recently bought it, and it’s one of the best drugstore mascaras I’ve tried. It gives tons of length for flirty lashes and adds nice volume too! At 5.99, it’s also a fabulous deal too.
– I’m also entered in the Eulogizing the Exquisite which may result in a new look or an off topic post or two. To find out more (or even enter yourself) please feel free to look at
– Current requests include a Guide to curly hair, Fabulous reads, and a back to school survival guide. Don’t worry ladies, these posts will be out soon 🙂

Here’s to a fabulous summer,


10 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. Massie,
    I love reading these tags. It’s so neat to get to know more about you!
    I definitely agree with your last answer. Some people take WP entierly too seriously, and it really takes the fun out of things.


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