Running late

Running late

Wal G skater dress
$28 –

Black bag

Gold owl earrings
$3.92 –

Bare Escentuals clear makeup
$23 –

Black mascara


Start of something new

Everyone knows that you have to look beyond ah-mazing for the first day of school. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of tips, tricks, and links to make your first day perfect!



Try going natural
– Embracing your natural texture is so much healthier and lots of times easier then flat ironing constantly. There are so many ah-mazing products for curly hair (and vice versa) that there is no excuse not to. The first step is to find out what your hair type is and go from there.
– For example, I’m a 2c/3a which means I have wavy/curly hair that’s very prone to frizz. To find out your own hair type, use is a wonderful resource for girls with wavy, curly, or kinky hair.

Perfect it
– Dying to recreate that braided bun on pinintrest? Summer is a great time to try it not 5 minutes before your ride for school leaves.
– Same goes for makeup. This is a great time to finally learn how to curl your lashes or perfect your smokey eye.

Do a deep conditioning treatment
– This is a must have for dry, frazzled, and frizzy hair. Not to mention, your hair will look great in time for the first day! I love Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery hair mask.



Do a face mask
– It doesn’t matter if you DIY or just pick one up from Ulta; Face masks are great for your skin and can be super relaxing. Plus you’ll have great skin just in time for the first day of school.

Buy the right makeup
– With tests, texting and yet another track practice, finding the time to buy the proper makeup can be tricky. Use your extra time now to do some research and buy the right type of makeup.

The Night Before


– Set out your outfit! 6 am outfit panics are the worst!
– Go over everything. Look at what classes you have, etc. That way, you won’t be lost.
– Relax! Take a bubble bath, go on a run, etc. Just do something that makes you relaxed and happy.
– Do your nails! Youtube has tons of great videos so you won’t wear Ballerina Slippers again.

Fab finds


These are my favorite back to school finds all under $30.

– Maybelline bouncy blush ($8) These are so cute! Not to mention the great colors and staying power!
– Old Navy The Rockstar Floral print skinny jeans ($17.87) So flattering on any body type! Not to mention the print adds a cute twist to outfits.
– Forever 21 Two tone scarf ($7.80) This is so perfect for fall time! The beige keeps it classic while the pink adds some edge.
– Vera Bradley 2014 Student Agenda ($18) You may be thinking “18 dollars for a planner?” But this planner is super cute not to mention the fun stickers and amazing quality.

Study Tricks


Buy cute supplies!
– If the extra $1.50 spent on your binder makes you more likely to study, then spend it! I’m not saying that you need a be-dazzled calculator (but that would be cute!) to study, but there is nothing wrong with spending a little bit extra money.

Invite a Friend!
-This is such a great way to meet that new girl in AP Bio or bond with some old ones.

Play some music
– If Macklemore helps you study better, then go for it!

Take breaks
– After 45 minutes or so, I typically take a break. Why? This keeps me from going crazy and/or having a fried brain. Just limit your breaks to 15-25 minutes.

Getting Appy


Let’s be honest. Apps like Instagram & Twitter are major distractions. Avoid checking more then twice a day and save Snapchatting for after Math homework.

Think Twice
– Do you really need to follow 678 people? Exactly. Delete the ones that haven’t posted in over 2 months or that you don’t really care about.

In other news…
– I added an FAQ page 🙂 & deleted my PC page.
– The A-list contest deadline is coming soon. Deadline is 8/26/13!
– My next post is on taking good notes.
– My wrist is doing better 🙂 I just recently hurt my ankle and am in a boot as well. Perks of being a klutz.


Ah-nother fabulous update

Hey girlies 🙂

I recently injured my wrist which makes typing much harder. Since I can only type with one hand, I’m undergoing a small hiatus until my wrist heals.


– Expect a post or two, just not at my usual speed.

– I’m doing my best to reply back to comments, but as stated before not like my usual speed.

– My contest (The A-list) is still going on! Can’t wait to see more entries.