Blogs I heart

This is a list of blogs that are absolutly A-list worthy. All of these are fabulously well written and worth every second.
Think your blog has what it takes? Leave a comment, and after you’ve made it through a strict blog evaluation, your blog URL will be along with these other ah-mazing blogs.



 Musings of a Muse

The “muse’s” reviws are funny, well written, and very detailed. I especially love that she reviews Drugstore & High end beauty products.

Beauty Editor

A ah-dorable blog that will keep updated with the lastest beauty trends and fab advice.


A fun, honest & relatable site when it comes to beauty. I love the super easy hair tutorials.

Tightly Curly

Got curly/kinky hair? You’ll love this website that’s packed with tips, tricks and product reviews.


Gabi Fresh

 A great plus sized fashion blog! Gabi herself is so sweet and the outfits are bold yet wearable! Even if you aren’t plus sized, this is a must read.

College Fashion

Such a great site! I love this site’s beauty tips not to mention ah-mazing DIY’s, organization tips and inexpensive outfits.

 Man Repeller

A super chic blog loved by fashionistas and fashion magazines all over the globe.

Cupcakes and Cashmere

This blog is well known for a good reason. I love the outfit inspirations & fun to do DIY projects.


 Dial A for Alpha

A advice, clique, beauty, and style blog all rolled into one! All the girls behind this blog are very sweet and helpful. The site looks fantastic and the posts are very well written.

Becoming an Alpha

With super helpful tutorials and tips it’s no wonder this blog is a WordPress favorite.


 Grin & Bake it

Okay, so technically not Massie Block related, but I still had to include it. This features the yummiest recipes and adorable baking ideas. Very creative and the blog itself looks wonderful.



28 thoughts on “Blogs I heart

  1. Hello, MBOB!
    Would you mind checking out my blog and see if it’s worthy of adding to this page? Thanks!

    Also, thanks for the blog “recommendations”! 🙂


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