Lip gloss love

Another one of the things that I share with Massie Block is a lip gloss addiction ( I’m sure many other people share this!)
But since Glossip girl doesn’t exist 😦 and assuming you haven’t won the lottery recently, here are some of my favorite picks.

Bath & Body works LipLicious ($7.50) –
These smell and taste amazing 😀 With flavors like Marshmallow creme, Juiced Yumberry and Frozen Daiquiri, how can you resist? These are perfect if you tend to get dry or chapped lips, beacuse they are super nourishing. They tend to last around 2-4 hours before you need to reapply. Plus Bath & Body works often has sales on these glosses ( Buy 2 get 1 free, etc) and they come in adorable gift sets around the holidays if you are struggling with what to get your friend for Christmas


EOS ($3)
Ok so yes they aren’t a gloss, (more of a balm) but these are so cute! The packaging is to die for, and it just smells wonderful. While if you have a really bad case of chapped lips, these might not solve it, but they are still very nourishing. They give a very slight tint to lips, so they are perfect if you are a little colorphobic.


Maybelline Colorsenational high shine gloss ($6) –
These are very well pigmented, and have a fabulous shine to them. I love them, beacuse they feel wondeful on your lips! Not too sticky, and they are very lightweight.


Maybelline Baby lips ($3)-
More of a tinted lip balm, really than a gloss. It’s still worth buying, and makes a great primer under your favorite gloss.


Stlla Lip glaze ($12)-
12 dollars might seem like a lot to some people, but these are trios! Yes, 3 fabulous glosses in a cute little package for 12 bucks! They are very nourishing and the color payoff is great. They smell pretty good (Vanilla? Maybe, I’ll have to double check) and the applicators are just too cute.


I hope you enjoyed this post. I’m so sorry for not posting, I’ve been crazy busy. I did manage to haul some new products though, so maybe some mini reviews or something to make it up 🙂 Please feel free to comment if you have any requests, suggestions or ideas, I love to hear them.



Welcome to my blog

A lot of people want to be like Massie Block, myself included. She seems to have it all. Tons of money, fairly good grades, nice friends, attention of all the boys and the jealously of all her schoolmates. (There are some not so good things about her, but I’ll get into to that later) The problem is, wanting to be like Massie can get expensive, especially if you are on a tight budget. Not everyone can afford to never repeat an outfit , Tiffany charm braclets and Aveda Shampoo.

However, there are some fairly budget friendly ways to add a touch of Massie into your life. That’s where this blog comes in. In each post, I’ll discuss ways to dress like Massie, get her amazing skin, etc.

I update fairly frequently (because I’ll typically have a post or 2 written in advance) so check back often 🙂 I do get busy with school, friends, family obligations, etc, so sometime you might not see a post for a while.

NOTE– Massie does have some not so great qualites. Massie won’t think twice about firing off a rude comment or taking her bad moods out on her friends. This blog is not here to say that you should exclude people or lie or constantly worry about your popularity. This blog is here for clique fans who adore Massie’s style or her confidence towards people.