The A-List

“Where getting in is the easy part”

I’m talking about the A-List of course. Which is a yearly contest brought to you by MBOB.


The premise

Imagine seeing trends before they hit Vogue, product reviews and beauty tips, and a sneak peek on what I’m posting next. How about all that for a whole year? That’s right.

The Challenge

– 3 fabulous girls will be a part of the A-list.
– To become a part of this, leave me a comment on this blog post saying that you will enter. You must have a WordPress, email, and Polyvore to be qualified.
– Make a polyvore set. Your topic must be one beauty or one fashion.
– Tag me in the set and email me a link of the set.

The prize

3 lucky girls will be in to the A-list for a whole year. The A-list is a top secret blog by MBOB filled with deals, steals and the latest trends, exclusively for A-list members. Not to mention, a promotion on my Blog’s I heart page, a blog critique and a Polyvore promotion.

Members of 2013-2014


Wanting more?



10 thoughts on “The A-List

  1. Hi doll,
    That Contestants image was made by one of the judges of ETE so could you please take it down?
    Thanks, MBOB!


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