Not so Jolly

Don’t you just love the holidays? The smell in the air, Christmas Caroling, the turkey on the table and that all around warm and fuzzy feeling. What I don’t love is the mad rushes to buy presents, the stress of attempting to get everything done and all the cleaning, primping, and shopping that comes with the Holidays.

But this year will be different. Because you’ll have this blog post with you as a guide. You’ll know the best ways to get rid of your stress, cute outfit ideas and my guide to inexpensive presents for almost anyone on your list. Enjoy 🙂

Buh-bye Stress

Here are my favorite ways to get rid of stress or at least reduce it… 

– Just say no. Do you really need extra credit when your average is a 96? What about the Holiday bake sale? Sounds great, until you remember that you hate baking. Say no to the things that you don’t really want/don’t need to do, and save yourself lots of time and extra stress while you are at it.

– Bubble bath. These are so relaxing, especially when paired with an ah-mazing bath melt.  Add some magazines and light some candles to create an even more peaceful mood.

– Laugh. I love YouTube videos for this; two of my favorites are  IISuperwomanII & WorldofNimi (Disclaimer-  Some of these videos may include swearing)

– Just do it. Do that one thing that’s been driving you crazy. From making flash cards for your Chemistry mid term or wrapping your least favorite aunt’s present, get it over and done with so you won’t  keep on stressing.


Just when you don’t need them. Here are my favorite study strategies plus an extra surprise to keep you going 😉 

Outfit inspiration 

Midterm Madness

This is an easy to create outfit created by yours truly that uses lots of items that can be found in your own closet. The striped shirt and pink jeggings look way cuter and are (almost!) as comfy as sweatpants and a hoodie. The leopard flats keep things on trend with pattern mixing while a quirky tote and ring give your outfit a fun touch. Keep makeup natural with a BB cream & Setting spray by Urban Decay (one of which is named all-nighter) and a light lip balm. A sweet smelling hand sanitizer prevents you from being sick.


Macbarbie07 is one of my favorite Youtubers (how can you not love her?) and this is a very helpful guide for finals that you can also use for midterms.

Study Tips + Tricks

– Who isn’t easily distracted by Instagram & Twitter? That’s why I love the concept of this site. Cold Turkey is a free program that you can install on your computer, that temporarily blocks off distracting sites for however long you choose. A must have for research projects!

– Organize by color. Have a different color for each subject and make everything (notebooks, folders, etc) that color so you can grab and go.

– Read it in funny voices.  Try reading your chemistry textbook in a bad southern accent or even a french one (don’t do this when people are home) to help things “stick” in your mind.

– Ask for help! If you are too shy (or just don’t want to look “dumb”) ask your teacher for extra help during free periods, or before/after school. Most will be happy to 🙂

Gift Guide

All of these options are under $50 and there are plenty of  choices , so you’re sure to find something you’ll love 😉


Birchbox– A beauty editor favorite, Birchbox is a subscription service that delivers beauty samples (and even some full size products) for $10 a month. A 3 month subscription is only $30.

eLF nail polish cube– 10 super pigmented mini nail polishes for $10? This set has the perfect polish colors for anyone on your wishlist.

Ulta Lip glossary– 30 gorgeous mini  lip glosses for $16. This has enough shades for even the biggest beauty junkie.

kate spade new york reusable shopping tote – A fun gift for any shopaholics.  $16

Pearl Statement Necklace– How cute is this? It’s handmade & a steal at only $11.

For the Boyfriend 

The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy– The classic sci-fi novel with a funny twist. This edition contains all 5 books for only $15.

Think Geek graphic tee– If he has a favorite TV show/book series, try a funny graphic t-shirt. Think Geek’s are funny and under $20.

Sports Tickets– If your guy is into sports, try buying tickets for his favorite team for a fun date night.

Fun extras 

Pottery Barn Must have mini speaker– How cute are these? I love the Navy Peyton color, it’s so classy and chic.  $20

Jonathan Adler Giant Eraser– These are so cute! Give them to your favorite younger cousin for only $10

iTunes gift card– Who doesn’t love music? This is a great gift for the impossible to buy person.

Mani/Pedicure- Treat them to a fun girl’s day with a mani-pedi at a local salon.

In other News 

– New surprise is coming to my blog in January for the new year! Stay tuned for updates.

– Shoutout to Splendid & Southern! Her blog is so cute & classy; it’s a must see!

– What’s your favorite part of the holidays? Comment below and the best answer will get a shoutout 😉