In honor of the new year and holidays , I have a new blog. 

New Name

New Pen Name

New Focus 

As much as I love Massie, I think I’ve gotten too old for her. She’s a great character but I’ve outgrown her. I had this idea that she was perfect and she’s not. She has her flaws, mistakes, and imperfections just like the rest of us and it was about time that I realized that.  I also noticed that this blog had so much more potential as well as my writing and I  had little motivation and my posts were lacking. In order to be the best blogger possible, it was time for a new start.

However, I still love blogging which is why I have made  a fashion, beauty and advice blog if you will. I also have given myself a pen name for privacy purposes as well, so please address me by it 🙂

This blog will still be kept up as a memoir of how far I have come. And every once in a while, you may see a how to be like Massie Block post in your reader.


Thank you to everyone…

Who commented on my posts

Who follows this blog

Who’s liked a post (or two!) 

Given me advice and shaped to who I am today.

And especially

She has helped me from the start and inspired me with her classy and chic posts

The original Massie who inspired me to start blogging

A sweetheart who inspires me with her sweet comments and beyond ah-mazing posts.

A fantastic blogger who never fails to put a smile on my face

A funny and fresh writer who never fails to please. 

& one last thank you

To the girl reading this-  Here’s a huge thank you to dealing with my awful grammar and infrequent posts. Your comments can make my day and I’m so happy you’re here, whether this is your 2nd post or your 22nd post.

xo Amanda