Frequently Fabulous


Wondering when I post or what I post about? This page is dedicated to the most commonly asked questions on my blog.



Q- How often do you post?
A- I post around 2-4 times a month in the summer & 1-2 times a month throughout the school year.

Q- Why would you write a blog like this? There are soo many Massie Block how-to’s.
A- I’ll admit, there are tons of other areas. However, 99.9% are…
A- Copied off of Wikihow.
B- Only if you have an Amex with no limit.
C- All of the above.
This is the first and only blog dedicated towards Massie and her fabulous sense of style where you don’t need to have a private estate.

Q- Can you help with (insert question here)?
A- Of course! That’s what this blog is for! Just leave a question on my “Ask the Alpha” page or for longer/more serious questions, send me an email. I’ll respond ASAP. You can also ask me questions on if you’d like. 

Q- What’s so great about Massie Block?
A- She’s not perfect, if that’s what you’re implying. Everyone has their flaws and Massie is proof of that. Lisi Harrison made the Clique series as a parody not real life. I like her because she shows that not everything is as prefect as people make it out to be. Plus her sense of style is ah-mazing!

Q- I work for a Beauty/PR company and I would love it if you could sample and/or review a product.

A- Of course! Please email me to discuss the details. If I feature your product in a post, there will be a small disclaimer. However, I don’t do sponsored posts at the moment.

Q- What does (insert used clique word) mean?
A- That’s a great question! This link is very helpful.


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